At Citrícola Salteña, Salto,we are dedicated to citrus fruits with great passion.

Our commercial vision has driven us to develop Caputto brand by taking it into demanding markets in the European Community, Eastern Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

The quality seal of Caputto citrus fruits is our greatest pride, and from the beginning, we have strived to ensure that consumers identify it with quality fruit. In addition to constant research and the introduction of new citrus varieties, Citrícola Salteña has incorporated a state-of-the-art packing system, the most technologically advanced system in South America, to sort fruits according to weight, size, and colour, prior to packing.

This, along with our personalized service and adaptation to our customers’ needs, has contributed to our export success, the setting up of an office in Europe, and a strong after-sales presence in the final market.

Technology at nature’s service
Ensuring quality and freshness of each fruit is of key importance; for this reason, Caputto Group not only uses the best technology in its groves, but also modern packing methods and demanding electronic sorting processes to ensure the perfect size and colour.

The proximity to important ports where refrigerated ships arrive also helps to preserve the freshness of the fruit travelling from farm to consumer under the best conditions.

In addition, rigorous traceability systems ensure top quality fruit.

The taste of fresh in the world

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