Field Certifications

Citricola Salteña, is currently certified under the rules and standards bases on the guidelines of Good Agricultural Practice(TESCOandGLOBALGAP-EUREPGAP).

The adoption of these good agricultural practices are considered as essential methodology for the improvement and sustainability of agricultural production in the long run, operating in an environmentally responsible manner and with due regard to health and welfare.

TESCO and EUREPGAP support the HACCP principles (Hazard Analysis Critical ControlPoints) and recommended its implementation, thus ensuring healthy and fresh products of high quality.

  • GLOBAL GAP Certification
  • TESCO Certification

Packing Certifications

All our certifications prove that our procedures fulfil the most demanding requirements at international level for the exportation of safe and innocuous products.

We count on the implementation of a system of ISO 9000-type Quality Management, the application of Good Manufacturing Practices and a HACCP system for the preventive analysis and control of plant health risks focused on securing food safety.

  • BRC – Food – UKAS Product Certification
  • Field To Fork

Juices Certification
Our system of Quality Management is certified by regulation ISO 9001:2015. Our HACCP certification was achieved due to the implementation of good manufacturing practices with risks analysis and critical points of control, which guarantees the innocuousness of our products.
We are members of SGF and take part in a voluntary control program, which is annually audited in order to confirm if our products fulfil the food regulations and industrial standards of the practice code of AIJN. Apart from verifying if our products are innocuous and genuine, an audit of hygiene and quality is carried out.

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Kosher
  • SGF International E.V.
  • HACCP System
  • FDA Register - U.S.A.
  • Sustainable - Unilever

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