This flattened globular citrus fruit can reach 15 centimetres in diameter. Its thick peel can be smooth or rough, depending on the variety, and when it has reached the right degree of ripeness, it takes on shades ranging from yellowish to reddish orange.

The flesh is divided into ten or twelve segments with a ‘fluffy’ appearance and full of juice. Its colour varies from yellow to reddish, just like the colour of the peel, and the presence or total absence of seeds inside it depends on the variety of grapefruit. 


  • Red Grapefruit (Star Ruby):
    It is a medium-sized fruit; the peel is thin and yellow with reddish shades, which makes this fruit very attractive. 
    The red flesh, which gives this fruit its name, has a high juice content and no seeds. Harvest time: from week 26 to week 34.

  • White Grapefruit (Marsh):
    It is a medium-sized fruit. The peel is smooth and light yellow. This fruit has a high juice content and a small number of seeds. It is harvested from week 26 to week 34.


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