Concentrated juices with Caputto’s trust seal
Caputto Group completes its industrial cycle with the production of concentrated juices which are sold in the domestic market and exported abroad for the production of juices and sodas.

High quality, pure and natural juices
With a production capacity of 5,000 tonnes of concentrated juice per year, we work unceasingly supplying the most important soda companies in the world with our concentrated juices for the production of their soft drinks.

Having the same obsession for purity and quality that describes the whole Caputto Group, our juices have reached the certifications which are necessary for supplying the most demanding markets with a high quality product without chemical additives and with the characteristic flavour of our brand.

Our Main Products

Concentrated orange juice
Corrected Brix (degree): 65.0 +/-0.5º
Colour: 0J3- 0J4-0J5
Pulp %:>3%
Transmittance %:(650nm)< 3%
Concentrated lemon juice
Acidity: 400 +/- 10 g.p.l.
Pulp %:>3%
Transmittance %:(650nm)< 15%
Concentrated mandarine juice
Corrected Brix (degree): 65.0 +/-0.5º
Colour: 0J1- 0J2
Pulp %:>3%
Transmittance %:(650nm)< 3%
Concentrated clarified lemon juice
Acidty: 400- 500 + /- 10 g.p.l.
Absorbance %: (600 nm)> 92%

Although other clarified juice are not regulary produced, we can produce juice of any citrus at the request of our clients under the required specifications

Microbiological specifications:
Total count <100 org./ml
Mold < 100 org./ml
Yeast < 100 org./ml
BAT not detected
Coliforms not detected

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