Mandarin is considered to be the closest citrus fruit to orange. Its small size, its more aromatic flavour, and the fact that it is easy to peel, make this fruit one of the most valued fruits.

  • Clemenvilla:
    It is a firm, deep orange, medium to large-sized fruit. The flesh is deep orange and has a very sweet flavour which results from the good levels of sugar and moderate sourness. It has some seeds which are the result of pollination of other varieties. Ripening time is from week 17 to week 29.

  • Ellendale:
    It is medium to large in size, and flattened at its poles. The peel is smooth, thin, and deep orange. The soft flesh has a high juice content and a strong sweet flavour which is the result of high levels of sugar and suitable sourness. Segments are easily separated from the peel. A low percentage of these fruits may have seeds in low amounts. Ripening time: from week 27 to week 35.

  • W. Murcott:
    Medium-sized fruit. It tends to be asymmetric (it typically has a ‘shoulder’ at the peduncle area). The peel is deep orange, glossy, very attractive, and easy to remove. The flesh has a high percentage of sugar and medium levels of sourness, with a very special flavour and aroma. It has some seeds. Ripening time: from week 31 to week 33.

  • Avana:
    It is firm, medium-sized, and round in shape. The peel is thin, smooth, pale orange, and easy to remove. The soft flesh has a high juice content, a good flavour, and it is very aromatic. It has very few seeds. It is harvested during weeks 31 and 37.

  • Salteñita:
    It is firm, medium to small in size, and spherical in shape. The peel is thin, smooth in texture, and yellow to orange. It is slightly stuck to segments, so it is easy to peel. The crunchy flesh has a high sugar content which gives a sweet and pleasant flavour. It has few seeds. It is harvested from week 34 to week 40.

  • Ortanique:
    The peel is a very attractive orange colour, and so stuck to the flesh that it is difficult to remove . It is medium to large in size. The flesh has a high juice content, and high and balanced sugar-acid levels. Excellent post-harvest preservation. It has few seeds. Harvest time: from week 34 to week 42.

  • Murcott:
    It is a medium to small-sized, solid and firm fruit. The peel is smooth and glossy, and it is stuck to the segments, so it is not easy to peel. The flesh is a strong colour —deep orange— and it has a very good flavour, a high level of sugar, and good balance of sourness. Harvest time: from week 32 to week 39.



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