As it is strongly rooted in its native land and as sponsor of Deres (which stands for Development of Social Responsibility in Spanish), Citrícola Salteña carries out a Programme of Social Responsibility in which all employees of the company take part in different ways.

Some of the following actions are currently being carried out.

Food and Shelter
As well as other companies and organizations, Citrícola Salteña contributes to “Pan y Abrigo” (Bread and Shelter) Net which takes care of children in need in this department.

Football Teams for Children
Contributing to the full development of our children, Citrícola Salteña monthly supports different schools of football for children in Salto by donating the required sports clothes.

Vita-C Programme
Permanent donation of fresh fruit with high Vitamin C content to organizations and institutions for children, adults, and old people of low resources.

National Board of Employment Programme
Every year, Citrícola Salteña adds young people with different abilities to its payroll.

Pro-Young people Programme
It consists of training courses for young people that have lost their jobs and are using the unemployment insurance plan, in order to help them effectively and quickly to find a new job.

Basketball school for children – third season
This is the third consecutive year that Caputto manages a Basketball School which gives the possibility of practicing sports to children and youngsters of all ages and social classes. Furthermore, it integrates children with different abilities.

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